Tractor maintenance


How to do tractor maintenance

Tractor maintenance is important because it differs from all other vehicles on the road in the function it must perform: it is not a means of transporting people, but is a real work tool.

From this it is easy to see that the attentions that need to be paid to this medium are greater.

Tractors are complex machines; each manufacturer issues an owner’s manual containing detailed instructions for the care of that specific machine.

Tractor maintenance involves multiple operations throughout the year:

Daily tractor maintenance is divided into two stages:

  • When the tractor is cold: check the level of engine oil and coolant, and if there is a shortage of fluid, proceed with topping up. It is recommended to clean the radiator by removing any foreign matter in the radiator fins using compressed air. (liquid cooling) and in case of air cooling clean the cooling fins of the cylinders and heads.
  • When the tractor is hot: greasing should be done generally every 8 working hours.


maintenance of the tractor generally every 200 working hours, it must necessarily be carried out by skilled operators. It generally involves changing the oil, filters and checking the electrical and braking system.

Of particular importance are lubrication and greasing operations.

Lubricate and grease the tractor

Tractors are complex agricultural vehicles; they possess many parts that need to be lubricated and greased

Given the fundamental role these means play in carrying out agricultural activities, it is necessary to try to keep them in optimal condition at all times.

Lubricating the various parts of the tractor helps to improve its performance and prolong the durability of the vehicle.

wd40To proceed with tractor lubrication, avoiding disassembly of parts, we recommend the use of WD-40 multifunction unlocking agent. With its 360-degree valve dispensing and flexible straw, this product allows you to quickly get to even the most difficult-to-treat areas. Its formulation allows the product to penetrate the porosity of metal and lubricates it without attracting or retaining dust.

To lubricate and unlock the parts most prone to seizing, such as the plow wheel the stabilizing and lifting links, it is recommended to use
WD-40 Multifunctional Unlocker
. Its formulation is designed to resist water and be used on all metals and surface paints. Effective and is also guaranteed to penetrate quickly into seized and oxidized mechanisms, freeing them and making them work again in a matter of moments.

Greasing of tractor parts

The parts that are greased on tractors are exposed to dust and weather and therefore must be greased properly. Generally every 8 working hours always when the machine is hot.

How to do tractor maintenanceLubrication through greases, which are very viscous, is particularly suitable for those parts that bear a high workload. It also increases the resistance of mechanisms to corrosion, heat and pressure.

Subject to greasing are the oscillating joint, 3-point hitch, universal joints and linkages (control pedals) thereby protecting them from the elements and facilitating proper operation of moving parts.

The product
mobilgrease XHP222
(400Gr TUBET) coupled with the

manual grease pump

performs this function commendably. Suitable for extreme weather conditions, it provides long-lasting lubrication and ensures corrosion protection even in the most critical situations. It is nonleaky and water resistant.

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