Many people ask us when to sharpen the chainsaw chain, and we thought we would write this little guide.3

A chainsaw can offer maximum cutting performance only if it has a sharp chain.

We explain how to tell when a chain needs sharpening.

Even the best of chains gradually loses its sharpness.

In this case the work becomes more strenuous and the chainsaw is bound to be ruined.

You need to pay attention to the following signs:

  • The chain does not enter the wood by itself. Pressure must be applied to the motor to cut.
  • In the case of a straight or cross cut, that is, in the case of a cut perpendicular to the wood, the chain produces fine sawdust instead of shavings.
  • Although the chain is properly lubricated and tensioned, smoke is generated during cutting.
  • The chainsaw tends toward a particular direction and the cut turns out crooked. This specifically indicates that the chain teeth are to be sharpened on one side or have irregular lengths.
  • The chainsaw crackles and hiccups while cutting. It becomes difficult to make an accurate cut.

If while working with your chainsaw you notice the signs described above, it means that you need to sharpen the chain or even change the chain.

The indicators that indicate to sharpen the chainsaw chain are:

Each chain has so-called service and wear references.

sharpen chainsaw chain

  1. Reference for correct roof edge sharpening angle and minimum tooth length: if this reference is reached in resharpening, the chain must be replaced.
  2. Reference for correct side cutting edge angle and minimum tooth length.

  3. Reference point for correct depth limiter angle and wear reference. Depth limiter filing should be carried out parallel to this reference.

  4. Control reference for wear of tooth sliding surfaces (tooth foot). Uniform wear parallel to the reference indicates normal wear due to use.

*Source Stihl

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